During a PIRATA campaign, members of the IMAGO support and research unit launch a buoy to measure the temperature and salinity of the tropical ocean.

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IMAGO surveys the oceans

Updated 05.06.2023

The IMAGO research and support unit, located in Brest, Dakar, and Nouméa, deploys observation devicesIMAGO contributes to the national observation services SSS (Sea Surface Salinity), PIRATA (Prediction and Research Moored Array in the Tropical Atlantic) and ReefTEMPS (Pacific Island Coastal Water Observation Network) and to ship and buoy-mounted CO2 partial pressure measurements.1 and analysis techniques. The unit's teams use both stationary and mobile measurement instruments that continually monitor the ocean, gathering essential data for physical oceanography and marine biology research. In Brest, the unit's members consist of chemists, electronic engineers, and experts in measuring devices, automated buoys, and moorings. They operate observatories and conduct oceanographic campaigns.